Gift of Self

In the Gospels Christ calls His disciples  to follow Him and leave all else behind. St. Teresa insisted that a Carmelite must do the same if she is to give her life for the good of souls and the Church.


Prayer is the center and purpose of Carmelite life. Enclosure, solitude and silence all help to create an atmosphere for this prayer life where we may listen attentively to the voice of Christ and grow in union with Him. The daily celebration of the Eucharist and the entire Liturgy of the Hours are at the center of our lives and make manifest our communion with the Church and her mission.


We have a purely contemplative apostolate, excluding all forms of active ministry.  We are to be love at the heart of the Church. This love is expressed by our prayer, self-denial and zeal for souls which are our service to the world.



From the beginnings of our Order on Mount Carmel, we have been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She is our mother, our patroness and our inspiration for a hidden life of prayer.

Community Life

St. Teresa wanted her Carmels to be small, living as a family "around Jesus, and bound together by His love." This family is to be characterized by love, acceptance, sharing and concern among all the sisters; all things are to be held in common.  A daily horarium consists of Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, two hours of mental prayer, work, solitude balanced by times of being together as a community.


The rule of Carmel states "those who do not work, shall not eat."  Manual labor done in silence, joy and union with the humble Christ demonstrates our life of poverty and gives a balance

 to our times of prayer.

Simplicity of Life

Our work and surroundings are very simple to keep us free from distractions and preoccupations that might lead us away from God.


Self-denial consists in conversion of heart along with external acts of mortification carried out with gentleness, kindness and joyousness of heart.  It is a means of growing in the love of Christ and of sharing in His mission of salvation.


By the Solemn Vows of poverty, chastity and obedience we commit ourselves to a "life of allegiance to Jesus Christ."  They are our unconditional response to  God's love for us and His call to us.  The formation period consists of three main states: postulancy is one year, novitiate is  two years, and temporary profession for three years.

Admission Requirements


1. The presence of a Carmelite vocation and a call to a life of prayer.

2. A joyous spirit of generosity and love that leads a person to the total gift of self.

3. Good moral, physical and psychological health.

4. Interest and ability to grow  within the context of an enclosed life.

5. Age limit is 18-45.

6. Freedom from obligations to others (debts, dependents, etc.)


Starting the Discernment Process


-A brief autobiographical sketch


-An initial visit


-A one week live-in experience


-A three month observer time

For further information, contact

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