Daily Living


A Day in Our Carmel

A. M.


5:00 Rise


5:30 Morning Prayer (Lauds)


5:55 Hour of Mental Prayer


7:15 Mass, Thanksgiving

breakfast, dishes


9:00 Midmorning prayer (Tierce)

Work tasks

Classes for those in Formation


12:00 Angelus, Midday Prayer (Sext), Examen


Work tasks consist of such things as:

*altar bread distribution

* Carmel Guild prayer card enrollments

*cooking & baking

*answering community correspondence

*library cataloguing

*liturgy preparation

*flower arranging

*organist practice

*sacristy work

*sewing habits

*teaching Formation classes

*translating for publication

*gardening & yard work

*tree farming


P. M,


12:20 Dinner, recreation


1:15 Dishes


1:30 Quiet hour

(walk or other exercise, write letters, rest or work quietly)


2:50 Midafternoon prayer (None)


3:00 Hour of Spiritual Reading


4:00 Work Tasks


4:30 Evening Prayer (Vespers)


4:55 Hour of Mental Prayer


6:00 Supper with table reading, recreation


7:00 Dishes, 10 minute break


7:30 Office of Readings (Matins)

Night Prayer (Compline)

Great Silence


10:00 Bath curfew


10:30 Bed curfew


Special schedule for Sundays & solemnities







In order to foster

the prayerful and solitary atmosphere

that is the hallmark of Carmel,

all the sisters shall carefully keep silence,

except when they are required to talk

 by necessity or by reason of their duties

. . . work and every other occupation

must be reconciled with silence

so that the monastery

truly becomes a house of prayer.


Const. #82


Hermit Days


In the spirit of our Holy Mother St. Teresa's desire that the sisters have

"desert periods of solitude . .  .

so that they may more intensively

apply themselves to contemplation

just like our Holy Fathers did" (Const. #85),

thus fostering

the "spiritual renewal of the community"

(Const. #86),

we will be setting aside as a hermit day

every Thursday of the month,

except during the first week,

when Hermit Day is First Friday.


Community Policies Book


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